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The Farmer Group Ltd. (TFG) is a third generation cattle operation.  Edwin, Jerry and now Phillip Farmer have raised cattle for over 80 years. The farm is located in Pemberville, Ohio, on Pancake Hill in Wood County.  Pancake Hill is one of the highest elevations in Webster Township.  For those who travel the area, Pancake Hill is a joke started by an old-time neighbor who named it due to the slight rise in the road. The name stuck.

In the past few years, TFG has been investing in maternal donors, while always on the lookout for the next great one.   TFG has recently added over 50 recips to accommodate the growing embryo foundation.  TFG also invests in guaranteed heifer pregnancies, with specific mating’s to backfill the donor pen for future growth.

The business plan is simple; invest in elite genetics that will provide the greatest opportunity for above-average return on investment. TFG would not have been able to expand the operation without the great partners and team members involved.  Future expansion of the herd is in process to allow for years of continued growth.

We will keep you updated on future donors, investments and sales.  TFG strives to deliver the highest quality cattle that will perform in the ring and deliver results in the pasture.

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The Farmer Group, Ltd
Pemberville, OH

Farm Address:
6480 Sugar Ridge Road
Pemberville, OH 43450

Phillip Farmer: 419-349-7755

Carol O’Brien, Farm Manager

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